Metford Park


Welcome to the whimsical world of metford park

It's old grand of pile, tucked away on a quiet lane in the East Anglian countryside.

But it's ruinously expensive to keep up. It still has some fine furnishings but the Old Masters have gone. For Old Mr. Roye this was a sad state of affairs. He missed the beauty and colour of them, the Rubenesque curves of buttock and breast, the flesh-tones and sparkling eyes that used to look down on him from the canvases as he walked the now empty galleries. There's nothing to it he told Mrs Kaye his P.A. “I'll get my photographer-chappie to create a new collection of pictures for me”.

Old Mr Roye had always admired the glamourous, beautiful women and girls he saw around him in the market towns and villages of Norfolk and Suffolk. And so he set Mrs Kaye and his photographer-chappie to work....

"Photograph the local ladies from portraits to nude, not too many ladettes, prefer them a little more grown-up m'self and make my galleries alive again. The sad thing about the old paintings was that nobody ever saw them so also make an interweb thingy version - free of charge for all those who also admire a damsel without a stitch on."

And so it came about - The Metford Park Glamour Collection

You'd better not enter the site if you think you might be offended by this sort of thing - naked ladies and all. Toddle off and have a look at something else, otherwise welcome and enter using the links above